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ECAP is historically one of the first Russian consulting groups which started consulting business in 1990. Even in the end of the 80s of the last century ECAP was participating in development of the large Russian investment projects with foreign participation.

ECAP is a group of high professional consultants, successfully acting during many years. Using their experience and knowledge ECAP provides consulting services in the field of taxation, economics and law.

ECAP carries out significant scientific and technical research activities. ECAP models elaborated in the mid-1990s were accepted as a basis for PSA Feasibility Study (FS) Regulations which nowadays are considered to be basic guidelines to develop correspondent FS projects on production sharing conditions. On that ground we believe that our company is a leading creative company working in this field.

ECAP has its own highly professional employees and invites best experts from research institutes. It allows to improve quality of works and perform large-scale projects.

ECAP develops economic models for various projects, participates in all provides negotiation support and coordination activities.

Complex economic modelling of large-scale projects is one of the basic Company’s profiles. All models are developed in accordance with international standards, and our clients can use them when negotiating with foreign partners, and also for substantiation of the investment project in foreign financial institutions.

ECAP is deeply involved in the legislative work of Russia. Our consultants actively participate in the legislation development in the field of investment, natural resources and tax legislation. This gives us an opportunity to promptly react to all changes in the legislation and timely inform our clients.

ECAP General Director is Diatchkova Elena, Doctor of economics, having 35 years experience in oil and gas research and consulting.