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ECAP prepared more than 50 economic models and/or feasibility studies for petroleum exploration and development projects both on PSA and on license terms.

Projects for which ECAP provided consulting support Timano-Pechora province:

  • «Northern Areas» Ardalin group of fields
  • Kharyaga field
  • Varandey-Adzvinskaya Zone
  • Peschanoozerskoye field
  • Tarkskoye field
  • Medyn-sea field
  • Prirazlomnoye field in Barents sea
  • Usinskoye field in Komy Republic
  • Priobskoye field and more than 20 other fields in Khanty-Mansyisk okrug
  • Uvansky project (South of Tumen oblast)
  • West-Malobalykskoye field
  • North-Seliyarovskoye field
  • East-Inginskoye field
  • Paytych project
  • West-Tugrovskoye field
  • Beregovoye field in Yamalo-Nenetsk okrug
  • Kharampur project
  • Luginetsk field in Tomsk oblast
  • Kovykta field in Irkutsk oblast
  • Yurubchenskoye field in Krasnoyarsky kray
  • Sasovskoye field in Volgograd oblast
  • Kirinsky Block (Sakhalin-3 project)
  • Byginskoye field
  • Sosnovskoye field
  • Oblastnovskoye field
  • Smolnikovskoye field
  • Shtokman project

Thanks to accumulated experience and knowledge in the area of carrying out feasibility studies, ECAP have been engaged in expert examinations of more then 30 sites related to hydrocarbon deposit development.

Legislative work

  • Law on Production Sharing Agreements
  • Law On Amendments to PSA Law
  • PSA Enabling Legislation
  • The Package of PSA Normative Acts
  • Regulations for the development of Trans-boundary Resources
  • Law On Amendments to Law on Subsoil
  • Law on Subsoil
  • Draft PSA Chapter of the Tax Code
  • Draft Chapters of the Tax Code (Mineral production tax, Profit tax, Excises)


  • Development of "The conditions of carrying out the open tender for oil and gas production in the territory of Udmurt Republic" and "Economical and legal model of the production sharing agreement for the development of the competitive oil fields in Udmurt Republic".
  • Development of "The terms and conditions of the second tender for oil and gas production in the territory of Udmurt Republic".