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Economic Consulting


 Development of Economic Models


Development of economic models is a priority for ECAP. We are prepared to offer our clients most varied economic models adapted to different phases of investment projects.


The most popular economic models developed by our specialists include:


  • Investment Decision Making: allows to realistically evaluate investment project efficiency in the initial phase. The model includes project feasibility study, multi-optional calculation of efficiency indicators and risk analysis.
  • Negotiation Support: makes it possible to justify investor position at negotiations. The model consists of the following modules: basic feasibility study, financial conditions package, limit values by negotiation position element, current calculations in the process of negotiations.
  • Project Implementation: identifies project efficiency at every phase of implementation, with account for revisions of legislative acts. The model includes calculations for the purpose of controlling current project efficiency, control over the stability of the subsoil use conditions.


Expert assessments


 ECAP has great experience in expert assessments of economic calculations and studies in the field of:


  • Project feasibility studies
  • Calculation and analysis of tax burden
  • Cost estimation
  • Project financing


Feasibility Studies for Specific Projects


Feasibility study of company efficiency is an integral part of the package of services designed, primarily, for oil and gas companies.


ECAP experts have accumulated considerable experience in that field having conducted over 50 different feasibility studies for large investment projects.


Feasibility studies and business plans are performed both the format suggested by Client, and in any other free format. ECAP has a collection of formats, and the Client may select the format which is mostly convenient taking into account the project peculiarities and requirement of the entity, for which the study is made.


Tax consulting


  • In the area of taxation, ECAP is ready to offer its clients:
  • Review and analysis of tax regime applied to specific projects 
  • Consulting and solutions related to tax burden reduction
  • Explanations on specific issues of tax legislation
  • Estimation of the tax burden for specific projects.


Legal consulting


ECAP experts provide the services in the area of jurisprudence including representing customer's interests in the governmental authorities, carrying out legal review of contracts, agreements, and other documents.


Special attention is being paid to such specific subjects as provision of legal services in the field of subsoil use, connected with license issue, transfer and re-issue, establishment of the fact of discovery, as well as support in preparation of documents for the expert examination of the Russian authorities.


In addition, the Company's list of services also includes provision of assistance in drawing any types of agreements, registration of enterprises, obtaining certificates and licenses.


Anti-monopoly legislation


  • Consulting services in the field of anti-monopoly legislation
  • Preparation of applications and attached documents
  • Consulting support during approval procedure of deals with participation of foreign investors
  • Legal support whiled preparation of agreements between the authorized state body and entity with foreign investments


Project monitoring and support


Continuous alterations, amendments, and modifications made to the legislation hamper effective operation of the majority of Russian enterprises. ECAP, participating in development of a number of legislative proposals in the area of taxing and deposit use, carries out monitoring of the Russian legislation. This makes it possible for out customers to obtain the current information on any amendments and modifications made to RF legislation, issuance of new legislative and regulatory legal acts. Our customers can as well take active part in development of specific legislative proposals.


ECAP promptly informs its customers on possible consequences of adoption of various legislative acts for their further activity, and also is continuously analyzing the amendments made to statutory and legal acts.


Oil and gas consulting


Oil & gas consulting has a special status in ECAP activities. ECAP is nearly the single firm in Russia which consequently during 14 years directly participates in organization of projects both on PSA and on license terms.


ECAP rendered consultancy services for such major and significant projects as Kovytkinskoye field, Priobskoye field, Kirinsky block, Prirazlomnoye field etc.


ECAP Group has experience of organization and conduction of tenders for the right of subsoil use, including preparation of all necessary tender documents.


ECAP carries out works in the field of legal regulation of trans-boundary exploitation and is experienced in development of unification agreements.


In the field of oil & gas consulting ECAP offers:


 Program «Introduction in the Russian Petroleum», including preparation of the Base Report on issues connected with subsoil use for purposes of hydrocarbon exploration and production in Russia, as well as a number of consulting and acquaintance procedures, providing the Client with full information on petroleum business in Russia.


Preparation of feasibility studies, Technical-economic proposals (TEP), other documentation, based on geological-economical evaluation of hydrocarbon fields and subsoil areas.


Expert assessment of all types of geological, economical and licensing documentation on hydrocarbon fields and subsoil areas


Legal and Tax consulting


Besides, in the field of oil & gas consulting ECAP offers to its Clients subscription-based consulting service.


This service includes:


  • Monthly Review «Legal and Tax Regulation of oil & gas companies’ operations » (RF Government documents, laws, bills – information and analysis)
  • Consulting on issues included in Monthly review:


    • Subsoil licensing
    • Tax legislation
    • Legal regulations in the field of exploration of production
    • PSA
    • Transportation of hydrocarbons
    • Construction regulations
    • Tenders and auctions


Preparing Draft Unitization Agreements


ECAP is the only Russian company that during the last eight year has been studying theoretical issues of developing trans-boundary areas of deposits crossed by various types of frontiers, as well as implementing the foreign countries' experience in this field. The company was invited by the ministries (Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of Energy) and foreign consulting companies to perform various works on trans-boundary deposits, specifically, development of a package of statutory acts regulating the activities of deposit users in the trans-boundary areas in RF, comparison of taxation systems for development of deposits of Caspian Sea bottom, preparing draft unitization agreements for development of trans-boundary deposits in the territory of the Russian Federation, preparing the reports for different oil and gas companies on the subject of governing the development of trans-boundary deposits in foreign countries and practical application of this experience in Russia.


 In Russia, during a number of years (since 1996) the issues of unitization were managed by the group of drafters of ECAP consulting company, who have prepared:


  • Summary of foreign experience in governing trans-boundary sites;
  • Model unitization agreement;
  • Corresponding draft legislative and other regulatory acts necessary for governing trans-boundary site developments;
  •  trans-boundary site classification.


 ECAP experts have written a number of articles devoted to this subject, which were published in leading oil and gas publications.